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For close to 15 years, Detail Works has maintained a reputation for quality, craftsmanship and reliability. We’ve earned this through a dedication to providing complete and considered service. A dedication to detail.

Our experienced staff are committed to delivering a full range of services with thorough professionalism and attentiveness, underpinned by a shared drive for constant improvement.

Our Approach

The least detailed element of our business, our approach is to deliver high quality projects — on time and at a price that is realistic and affordable for your business.

We prefer to kick start the process by getting a full rundown of your requirements and budget. We then work with you to develop a timeframe that is as efficient and disruption-free as possible.

This consultation continues once things are underway, with regular updates for the duration of the project. We also offer after-care and maintenance services, to ensure your satisfaction long after completion.

Selected Clients

  • Avco Systems
  • BMW
  • Crush
  • Golf Online
  • Kodak
  • QS
  • Ritual Rooms
  • Snow + Rock
  • The Wedding Channel
  • Uber Rooms
  • Winston Churchill School
  • Zoom Works

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If detail matters to you, why not drop us a line?
We look forward to working with you.

+44 (0)20 8863 8537
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Air Conditioning

Utilising the latest technology and installation techniques, our air conditioning services incorporate heating, extraction and ventilation, as well as ongoing care and maintenance.

Depending on the design and look of your premises, Detail Works' air conditioning systems can be wall mounted, integrated into a
suspended or fixed ceiling or installed as a concealed floor unit.

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Air Conditioning West London

Detail Works provide Air Conditioning in West London. We have been offering Air conditioning services to West London businesses for 15 years including heating, extraction and ventilation as well as ongoing care and maintenance. We have many customers in West London and the South East.

Detail Works can provide Air Conditioning in West London - wall mounted, integrated into a suspended or fixed ceiling or installed as a concealed floor unit - depending on the design of your building.

If you require Air conditioning in West London contact Detail Works on +44 (0)20 8863 8537 - we also provide Air Conditioning in East London, Central London, Slough and throughout London.